Price List of Services and Add. Fees 2012

Price List of the Services, 2011
admission feeunitprice (Kč)
indoor swimming pool1 hour55
indoor swimming pool – children (3–15 years)1 hour25
sauna including swimming pool – more persons 1 hour120
sauna – 1 person only1 hour240
sauna (min. 3 persons)1 hour80
fitness room for the accommodated1 hourfree entry
fitness room for the others1 hour20
Lending/Hiring Feesunitprice (Kč)
overhead projector, film projector1 hour50
book1 copy2
table tennis rackets (2 pcs) + ball1 hour10
football/soccer ball or volleyball 1 hour10
rubber ball1 hour3
skipping rope1 hour2
badminton1 hour10
soft tennis1 hour10
board games1 day5
playing cards1 day5
hair dryer1 hour5
picnic blanket, deck chair – price for the whole stay1-28 days50
mountain bike3 hour60
iron, ironing boardfree of charge
billiard1 hour20
walking sticks12 hours20
Russian bowling1 hour10
TV1 day2
Group Hiring/Lending Feesunitprice (Kč)
swimming pool1 hour800
sauna1 hour500
sauna + swimming pool1 hour1200
gym1 hour60
lounge (fee is not applicable for the hotel guests)1 day500
lounge (fee is not applicable for the hotel guests)up to 2 hours300
lounge (price for the hotel guests only)1 day300
lounge (price for the hotel guests only)up to 2 hours100
restaurant1–4 hours2500
restaurant4–8 hours5000
restaurant (price for the hotel guests only)price by agreement
Additional Fees for Single-bed Rooms and Suites (per day)
room No.floorprice (Kč)
2115, 2149, 2150,1st floor100
3123,3124,3169, 31702nd floor100
41893rd floor100
4182, 4183, 4185, 4186, 41873rd floor120
2103,21061st floor, balcony130
2108, 21181st floor130
31322nd floor130
2104,21051st floor, balcony150
31712nd floor150
4188, 4193, 41953rd floor150
21021st floor, balcony200
4181, 4190, 4191, 4192, 41963rd floor200
suite 31372nd floor400
suites 4179, 4180, 41943rd floor400
Other Additional Feesprice (Kč)
balcony, terraceapplicable for rooms30
parking fee1 day35