Procedures – A Short Introduction

Every human being is unique, as is the way we live our lives. We have our wishes and expectations and some of us live up to them some of us do not. We are born with certain predispositions for life. Some of us manage to do away with the bad ones and live a healthy life; others, on the contrary, intensify them by the environment they live in or by the lifestyle they’ve chosen and struggle with diseases for the rest of their lives.

Our medical bathhouse welcomes people who:

  • are healthy and came only to regain their strengths and relax
  • want to prevent diseases by undergoing therapeutic and rehabilitation stays
  • became ill with a certain disease, are recovering from one and want to prevent others
  • are severely ill and want to, at least partially, improve their health, forget about their problems and relax
  • are chronically ill

That is why we have decided to organize a wide variety of stays which we renew annually. Moreover, during the preliminary check-up our expert physicians “tailor” an individual stay for every client based on his/her needs, wishes and health condition,

We collaborate with all health insurance companies (in the Czech Republic), therefore it is not only private patients we offer treatments to but also clients of health insurance companies who were prescribed a complex or a contributory spa treatment or who need a specialized outpatient treatment, e.g. post-traumatic.

Among the therapeutic procedures we employ are: balneotherapy, dietotherapy, climatic therapy, mineral water drinking, thermotherapy, various massages and electrotherapy, inhalation, therapeutic exercise, non-traditional therapeutic methods of the traditional Chinese medicine etc.

To assess your health condition and establish the best method of treatment we employ various diagnostic methods and state-of-the-art diagnostic devices.